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...from a dream to reality...


We provide environmentally sustainable and effective cleaning solutions to keep your vessel lake or seaworthy.  This product reduces your cleaning time from hours to minutes, getting you back on the water quickly! We have a love for the boating industry and the environment and wanted to take command of the organic boat cleaner business.  We work with a chemist who wanted to see the difference we could make through science-backed, sugar-based cleaning technology.  We are creating solutions and take pride in being a revolutionary cleaner that easily, precisely and safely dissolves and eliminates grime without harming you or leaving a negative impact on the environment.

New on the market Nautical Knockout is the leading, eco-friendly, organic boat hull cleaner.  This product is sugar derived and formulated to have minimal environmental impact.  

Your No. 1 cleaning product for dirt, algae, hard water film, scum, scale, rust, water deposits, soap film and other organic residues.

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